Why Xypex

What is Xypex®?

Xypex is a unique chemical treatment for the waterproofing and protection of concrete. Manufactured in the form of a dry powder compound, Xypex consists of Portland cement, very fine treated silica sand and various active proprietary chemicals.

How long does Xypex® last?

A Xypex application, unlike most other systems, is permanent. The fibrous crystalline growth, due to its unique composition, will not deteriorate under normal conditions. Our children’s children will benefit from applications of Xypex installed today.

Why Xypex®?

Xypex introduces a reactive, dynamic densification process which continues throughout the life of the concrete. Being a permanent enhancement, Xypex will extend the service life of the concrete. Unlike barrier methods, Xypex penetrates and waterproofs the concrete itself – not just the surface. While other products degrade over time, Xypex continues on.

Ø Xypex is less expensive than other methods such as membranes with protective boards.

Ø Xypex is construction-schedule friendly, and it can be applied immediately after the forms are stripped.

Ø Xypex cannot puncture, tear, or fall apart at the seams – and it needs no special sealing, lapping, or seam finishing.

Ø Xypex needs no protective layers for backfill, and it leaves no ugly tar line to interfere with landscaping.

Ø Xypex is breathable. It blocks water in liquid form, but allows water  vapor to escape, so the concrete can dry completely.

Ø Xypex is self-healing – new cracks in the concrete will mend with new crystalline growth.

Ø Xypex is environmentally friendly – approved by the EPA and the NSF.

Ø Xypex protects concrete. Crystalline waterproofing stops transportation of water and rust-accelerating electrolytes to the reinforcing steel.